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North American Flies and Mosquitoes

Authored By Staff Writer | Last Updated: 9/15/2015

Common outdoor and indoor pests are flies and mosquitoes - represented by over 20,000 known species in North American alone.


There are a total of (22) Flies and Mosquitoes of North America in the Insect Identification database. Entries are listed below in alphabetical order.

Bee-Like Tachinid Fly
Bee-Like Tachinid Fly larvae are lethal predators to insects people may find problematic. Most of these fly larvae feed on th...
Black-Tailed Bee Fly
The Black-Tailed Bee Fly is a fuzzy, hovering, buzzing look-a-like to a bumble bee. The long proboscis ('tongue'), however q...
Though they look like giant mosquitoes, they are not mosquitoes. Craneflies do not bite, they do not have a long proboscis (s...
Flesh Fly
Knowledge of the life cycle of certain genera of Flesh Flies can be valuable information. The presence of adults and larvae ...
Flower Fly
This fly looks like a wasp and is a fine mimic. Despite similar physical appearance and even flight behavior, the Flower Fly ...
Gold-Backed Snipe Fly
Not much is known about the Gold-Backed Snipe Fly. It is a member of the Snipe Fly family, which are large flies usually fou...
Hover Fly
Although it looks like a wasp or bee, this species of fly cannot bite or sting. The Hover Fly is able to stay in one place as...
Long-legged Fly
This metallic green, copper or blue fly with bright red eyes can be found wandering between leaves in a forest, flowers in a ...
Midges are often mistaken for mosquitoes thanks to similar size and body shape. Because they do not take blood meals, they a...
Mydas Fly
This family of flies comprises some of the largest flies in North America. Some of the species can get as long as 60mm (2 in...
Picture-Winged Fly
Delphinia picta is one of central and eastern North America's most common Picture-Winged Flies. Its wings are mostly...
Repetitive Tachinid Fly
Few would think that flies would be such important members of an ecosystem. Tachinid flies, though somewhat unusual in appea...
Robber Fly (Diogmites)
Robber flies eat biting flies and other flying insects like bees, butterflies and wasps. This species likes bees and dragonf...
Robber Fly (Efferia)
Robberflies are considered 'hanging thieves' becaue they use their arms to suspend themselves from twigs and branches and ste...
Robberfly (Laphria)
Robberflies are aerial hunters. They hang on twigs and branches, waiting for a meal to fly by. Robberflies are extremely fa...
Robberfly (Promachus)
Robberflies eat all sorts of other flies as well as bees, wasps, beetles and butterflies. If it flies and they can catch it, ...
Small House Fly
Male Small House Flies form swarms in the summer. Females lay their eggs in animal/human feces or on dead and decaying anima...
Snow Mosquito
The Snow Mosquito is a special species of mosquito commonly limited to northern portions of the United States. The Snow Mosqu...
Tachinid Fly
Tachinid Fly larvae are efficient pest controllers for certain moth species. This particular species parasitizes some tiger m...
Tachinid Fly
Tachinid Fly adults are usually seen visiting flowers and feeding on nectar. Though they look like the type of fly that woul...
Tiger Bee Fly
The widespread Tiger Bee Fly has a long proboscis that could make it easy to mistake for a mosquito. The large size and fuzzy...
Sometimes mistaken for a Deer Fly, Yellow Flies are just as unwelcome by both humans and animals. The female attacks exposed...
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