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Beautiful Wood-Nymph Moth (Eudryas grata)

Detailing the identifying qualities of the Beautiful Wood-Nymph Moth, including physical features and territorial reach.

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  Beautiful Wood-Nymph Moth  
Picture of Beautiful-Wood-Nymph-Moth
Picture of Beautiful-Wood-Nymph-Moth Picture of Beautiful-Wood-Nymph-MothPicture of Beautiful-Wood-Nymph-MothPicture of Beautiful-Wood-Nymph-MothPicture of Beautiful-Wood-Nymph-Moth

The unique coloration of the Beautiful Wood Nymph Moth has the appearance of something most humans find more annoying than beautiful.

It is believed that the strange color and pattern seen on the Beautiful Wood Nymph Moth is a form of camouflage. Their multicolored appearance resembles bird droppings. Indeed, such an adaptation is a clever means of avoiding predators. When found resting on a leaf, this moth is easily overlooked as a pile of excrement. Even their furry legs stretch out in such a way as to look help it look like a splat of feces. The true beauty of this species is appreciated upon closer inspection The bottoms of the white wings and the outer edges are bordered in maroon. A line of yellow green separates the two colors. A black tuft of hair on the head reaches down between the wings. The front pair of white and gray legs are hairy down to the 'ankles'.

This species is at home in forests, meadows and gardens. Look for adults on Virginia creeper and grapevines. They fly during the day and do not eat. They reserve their energy for finding a mate and reproducing. The caterpillars of this moth feast on the leaves of the aforementioned host plants in addition to other related vines.

Picture of the Beautiful Wood-Nymph Moth
Picture of the Beautiful Wood-Nymph Moth

Beautiful Wood-Nymph Moth Information

Category: Butterfly or Moth
Common Name: Beautiful Wood-Nymph Moth
Scientific Name: Eudryas grata

Taxonomy Hierarchy

 Arrow graphic Kingdom: Animalia
  Arrow graphic Phylum: Arthropoda
   Arrow graphic Class: Insecta
    Arrow graphic Order: Lepidoptera
     Arrow graphic Family: Noctuidae
      Arrow graphic Genus: Eudryas
       Arrow graphic Species: grata

Size, Identifying Tags and Territorial Reach

Size (Adult, Length): Size (Adult, Length): 13 mm to 46 mm (0.507 inches to 1.794 inches)
Identifying Colors: white, red, purple, black, green, yellow, brown
Additional Descriptors: multicolored, skunk, stripe, fuzzy, hairy, furry, mohawk, flying

North American Territorial Reach (Though Not Limited To): Alabama; Arkansas; Connecticut; Delaware; Florida; Georgia; Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Kentucky; Louisiana; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; Michigan; Minnesota; Mississippi; Missouri; Nebraska; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New York; North Carolina; North Dakota; Ohio; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; South Carolina; South Dakota; Tennessee; Texas; Vermont; Virginia; West Virginia; Wisconsin; New Brunswick; Newfoundland and Labrador; Nova Scotia; Ontario; Prince Edward Island; Quebec; Mexico

A Note About Territorial Reach: Keep in mind that an insect's reach is not limited by lines drawn on a map and therefore species may appear in areas, regions and/or states beyond those listed above. Insects are driven by environmental factors, food supplies and mating patterns and do not nescessarily work within hard-and-fast territorial lines like we humans do.

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