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  • Brown-Hooded Cockroach - (Cryptocercus punctulatus)

    Brown-Hooded Cockroach - (Cryptocercus punctulatus)

    The woods of the Appalachian mountains and the Pacific Northwest are the home of the Brown-Hooded Cockroach, unlike its cousins which prefer the dwellings of humans.

    Staff Writer (6/2/2017): Not all cockroaches desire to live among humans. The Brown-Hooded Cockroach is a woodland cockroach that prefers the great outdoors to kitchen cabinetry.

    This small, social insect lives in large congregations inside and around decaying tree trucks, stumps and limbs. Keeping the generations together is the only way of keeping the population alive. Nymphs of the Brown-Hooded Cockroach are hatched without the ability to digest cellulose, the chief component of plant cells. Their diet is decaying wood, so nymphs need a way to break down wood. Adults rely on cellulose-destroying protozoans in their digestive organs in order to glean nutrition from the wood. In order to ingest the same necessary protozoans, the nymphs must feed on the fecal matter of adults. Without the feces, which harbors the living protozoans, the nymphs would essentially starve to death.

    The Brown-Hooded Cockroach does not enter buildings with the intention of living there like other nuisance cockroaches. It is not considered a pest. The outdoors is their preferred domain. As rotting wood is both their habitat and food, it is likely to be found in woodlands and forests with fallen trees and broken branches that likely hold many others of its kind.

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    Details of the:
    Brown-Hooded Cockroach

    Category: Cockroach
    Common name: Brown-Hooded Cockroach
    Scientific Name: Cryptocercus punctulatus

      Kingdom: Animalia
       Phylum: Arthropoda
        Class: Insecta
         Order: Blattodea
          Family: Cryptocercidae
           Genus: Cryptocercus
            Species: punctulatus

    Size (Adult, Length): 22mm to 30mm (0.87in to 1.18in)

    Identifying Colors: brown, black

    Additional Descriptors: roly poly, armored, segmented, tails, oval, smooth, wingless

    North American Reach (Though Not Limited To*): Alabama; California; Georgia; Kentucky; Maryland; North Carolina; Oregon; Pennsylvania; South Carolina; Tennessee; Virginia; Washington; West Virginia

    * Keep in mind that an insect's reach is not limited by lines on a map and therefore may appear in areas/regions/states beyond those listed above.

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