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    Insect Dichotomous Key (for separating Arachnida from Insecta)

    Helping you separate insects from spiders by way of simple questioning.

    Our Two Point Insect Dichotomous Key can assist in identifying between an insect and a spider. Beginning with Question #1, determine which statement ("a" or "b") is true for the insect in question. From there, simply follow the directions at the end of the true statement until you arrive at your identification destination. From there, visit our list pages to specifically identify your insect.

    Question 1.

    a. Subject has eight legs - YES, go to the Arachnid Key
    b. Subject has six legs - YES, go to Question #2

    Question 2.

    a. Subject has wings - YES, go to the Winged Insect Key
    b. Subject does not have wings - YES, go to the Wingless Insect Key

    BUGFINDER: What Kind of Bug is This...
    BUGFINDER allows for a quick search of the Insect Identification database by selecting primary color, secondary color, number of legs and the territory / state in question. If only one color is present on your insect, select it again as its SECONDARY color. Remember that the more details you can offer, the better your chances of finding a match. Unless your specimen is missing legs, insects have six legs whereas spiders have eight legs. If it has more than 8 legs, it is neither an insect nor a spider.
    Primary Color:
    Secondary Color:
    Number of Legs:
    State / Province:
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