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Insect Orders

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With so many catalogued insects in the world, it only makes sense for researchers to develop a logical system of orders.

Insect scientists (Entomologists) categorize groups of living entities as how they are related through the Theory of Evolution. In an order, there are classes, orders, suborders, families and genera, which constitute the living things that procreate with one another. More than 1 million of the categorized 2 million species are arthropods (insects/spiders).

INSECTS: (Class Insecta):

Order: Blattodea ('insect avoiding light')
Species: 3,700
Example: Cockroach

Order: Coleoptera ('hard wings')
Species: 400,000
Example: Ladybug

Order: Collembola ('sticky peg')
Species: 6,000
Example: Springtail

Order: Dermaptera ('leathery wings')
Species: 1,800
Example: Earwigs

Order: Diptera ('two wings')
Species: 120,000
Example: Mosquito

Order: Embioptera ('')
Species: NA
Example: Webspinners

Order: Ephemeroptera ('living for a day')
Species: 2,100
Example: Mayflies

Order: Grylloblattodea ('')
Species: NA
Example: Ice Insect

Order: Hemiptera ('half wings')
Species: 82,000
Example: Cicada

Order: Homoptera ('')
Species: NA
Example: Leafhopper

Order: Hymenoptera ('membrane wings')
Species: 130,000
Example: Ant / Bee

Order: Isoptera ('equal wings')
Species: 2,300
Example: Termite

Order: Lepidoptera ('scaly wings')
Species: 150,000
Example: Butterfly

Order: Mallophaga ('')
Species: NA
Example: Chewing Louse

Order: Mantodea ('like a prophet')
Species: 1,800
Example: Praying Mantis

Order: Mecoptera ('long wings')
Species: 400
Example: Scorpion Fly

Order: Megaloptera ('')
Species: NA
Example: Alderfly / Dobsonfly

Order: Microcoryphia ('')
Species: NA
Example: Bristletail

Order: Neuroptera ('net-veined wings')
Species: 5,000
Example: Lacewings

Order: Odonata ('toothed flies')
Species: 5,500
Example: Dragonfly

Order: Oleoptera ('')
Species: NA
Example: Beetle

Order: Orthoptera ('straight wings')
Species: 20,500
Example: Cricket

Order: Phasmatodea ('like a ghost')
Species: 2,500
Example: Walking Stick

Order: Phthiraptera ('louse wings')
Species: 3,000
Example: Lice

Order: Piecoptera ('wickerwork wings')
Species: 2,000
Example: Stonefly

Order: Protura ('')
Species: NA
Example: Proturan

Order: Psocoptera ('milled wings')
Species: 3,200
Example: Woodlice

Order: Raphidoptera ('')
Species: NA
Example: Snakefly

Order: Siphonaptera ('tube without wings')
Species: 2,400
Example: Flea

Order: Strepsiptera ('')
Species: NA
Example: Parasite

Order: Thysanoptera ('fringed wings')
Species: 5,000
Example: Thrip

Order: Thysanura ('bristle tails')
Species: 370
Example: Silverfish

Order: Trichoptera ('hairy wings')
Species: 10,000
Example: Caddisfly

Order: Zoraptera ('')
Species: NA
Example: Zorapteran

SPIDERS: (Class Arachnida; Order Araneae):

Order: Labidognatha
Families: 90
Species: 32,000
Example: House Spider

Order: Orthognatha
Families: 15
Species: 3,000
Example: Tarantula

Order: Mesothelae
Families: 1
Species: 24
Example: Segmented Spider
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