Insect Identification
Insect Identification

Bristletail Insects of North America

Authored By Staff Writer | Last Updated: 12/19/2015

Bristletails - which includes the destructive Silverfish - represent one of the more overlooked groupings of insects.

There are a total of (5) North American Bristletails in the Insect Identification database. Entries are listed below in alphabetical order.

Thumbnail picture of the Firebrat
Firebrats are part of the same order as Silverfish. They have a long and flat silvery body with spik... [Read More]
Thumbnail picture of the Gray Silverfish
Gray Silverfish
These fast insects are usually found around dark, warm places inside a home (ovens, furnaces, firepl... [Read More]
Thumbnail picture of the Japygid Dipluran
Japygid Dipluran
Diplurans are beginning to no longer be considered insects in the taxonomic community. They are curr... [Read More]
Thumbnail picture of the Jumping Bristletail
Jumping Bristletail
Jumping Bristletails are tiny insects that have a hunched back like shrimp, an abdomen like a Silver... [Read More]
Thumbnail picture of the Silverfish
These little creatures can be found near the dark, warm places of the home (ovens, furnaces, firepla... [Read More]